Onsite customs and immigration 

At Fireblade Aviation, our onsite customs and immigration service makes travel even more convenient. No queues. No fuss. More time for the magic of travel.

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Who is Fireblade Aviation?

Experience world-class FBO, MRO, and AOC facilities, exceptional guest services, and expert technical expertise for the finest private aircraft. Explore the gateway to Africa’s ultimate aviation experience

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Our Sustainability Impact

While aviation is an essential component of modern travel, there is no denying the negative impact of fuel emissions and rising carbon levels on our planet. Sustainability is a major point of concern for Fireblade Aviation and we aim to be radically transparent and honest about the practicalities of aviation and the many misconceptions around so-called sustainable solutions.  We are determined to invest in research to assist with innovating and pushing boundaries in the hope of setting a new sustainable benchmark for the industry.

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Our People

The cornerstone of the Fireblade Aviation enterprise, our team of pilots, engineers and separate specialist FBO service staff are all driven by a passion for the aviation industry and providing guests with the very best services and amenities available. Striving to ensure a better, more sustainable future for the industry and our community, our family-owned and proudly local FBO is an industry leader when it comes to literally going above and beyond for our guests.

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Fireblade Aviation offers a comprehensive range of aircraft owner services from aircraft acquisition, management, leasing and maintenance to hangarage and parking


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