Excellence in Aviation

Here at Fireblade Aviation we’re constantly striving to offer the best in aviation travel and services, with the goal of achieving “aviation excellence” driving everything we do. In our pursuit of excellence we have developed a few key factors and characteristics unique to our offering and enterprise, setting us apart from others and ensuring certain things are synonymous with the Fireblade Aviation experience.


As part of our comprehensive technical and FBO offering, our AMO (Approved Maintenance Organisation) team of top maintenance engineers and experienced technical staff have expertise in Bombardier, Leonardo and Pilatus products, amongst others, to ensure only the highest levels of safety. According to Dumi Mdluli, our Executive and Accountable Person for Maintenance, striving for aviation excellence influences our technical offering and industry knowledge.

“Aviation excellence means keeping in touch with the ever-evolving technology in the aviation space. We work with new technology, the oldest aircraft we have in our fleet is only about five years old, and we are equipped [and experienced] with the latest technology. Fireblade is a small but dynamic organisation. We work on five different types of aircraft, which includes helicopters. In the industry you usually get your fixed wing department or your turboprop or jet aircraft department. For a lot of teams they don’t mix between those departments but we are all equipped and licensed to work across all the different types. Our team are all licensed engineers, whereas in the industry you’ll often find there are lots of unlicensed staff working under licensed engineers.”

Another key driving force for Fireblade is ensuring we accommodate our guest and client requirements to offer a personalised FBO experience for their needs.“With regards to [something like] maintenance, it’s a customer tailor-made [solution] where we work around the customer’s schedule instead of inconveniencing them. We interact with them and work around their schedule. We ask them when they’re flying and we work according to their needs,” says Mdluli.

Aviation Excellence


Our hospitality services include a combination of publicly available terminal facilities, including on-site border control services, open and private lounges, showers, a gym, spa treatments, fully-equipped meeting rooms and spaces for private functions and meetings. From children’s entertainment to conferencing venues, we have the facilities and resources to cater to any guests’ needs. We also offer on-site catering by Michelin-star and proudly local chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen’s team, using fresh produce from our on-site garden as a truly sustainable approach to modern aviation cuisine.

According to Mlizma King, Fireblade Catering Manager: “At Fireblade we do our best to set ourselves apart from our competition by focusing on attention to detail, and staff going the extra mile. Our company values form a huge part of this. We purchase and grow the very best quality ingredients, utilise them with skill and creativity to form unique, stylish and appealing food that entices the senses and one’s palate. Our focus is fine dining and bespoke in-flight catering that compliments world-class travel experiences. Sustainability is also hugely important to Fireblade and forms part of everything we do in the kitchen, from eco-friendly packaging to recycling biodegradable waste,” says King.

“Our clients have extremely busy schedules, and we look to aid their travel experience by doing all that is required in a timely and efficient manner, with the highest level of food safety. Aviation excellence is our entire offering, it’s what we strive for. We pride ourselves on delivering attractive, sustainably sourced, and mouth-wateringly delicious food to increasingly high standards. To us, excellence in anything is the continuous search for improvement.”


Another point of pride for the Fireblade team is our world-class staff, including our highly experienced and professional pilot component. According to team pilot Katie Ngubeni. “What sets Fireblade pilots apart is the experience the pilots have, everyone is willing to help one another out, there’s no sense of competition, we work well together as a team. When it comes to aviation excellence, Fireblade empowers black female pilots by having two on the [team], a very rare combination in the industry. Having a female pilot on almost every Tswalu flight in the PC-2 is excellent to me,” says Ngubeni.

A passion for flying is a sentiment echoed by fellow pilot Brendan Emmenis: “Fireblade pilots love flying! This passion for aviation shows when [we’re] dealing with passengers, in our ongoing training, and in the general way we fly the aircraft, always trying our best to make it the safest, most comfortable flight the passengers have experienced. Aviation Excellence for me is striving to be the best at what we do every day to the highest standard whilst still having a smile on your face. The Fireblade team lives by this everyday,” he says.


As part of our goal to connect with guests and the broader aviation community while aspiring for aviation excellence, we recently launched the new and improved Firebladeaviation.com. Featuring a newer, sleeker design and user experience, our goal is to connect with guests and visitors like never before, offering them an exhilarating aviation and travel experience. Featuring the latest up to date developments and stories surrounding Fireblade and the industry, our new site will ensure you can engage with and learn about Fireblade like never before. We look forward to connecting and interacting with industry professionals and enthusiasts via this exciting new platform.

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