As part of our proudly local FBO services we have partnered with other incredible organisations and businesses to ensure our offering gives guests everything they could ever need to enjoy their Fireblade Aviation experience. Our operation strives to follow the most inclusive, sustainable and socially responsible route possible, leading the way in the aviation world for a more mindful, community and people-oriented business model that values people and the greater good above all else. Together with our partners, we aim to set a new standard in the industry that goes beyond just travel and ensures a brighter future for both guests and industry professionals.

Fireblade Partners - Air Elite

As a member of the Air Elite by World Fuel network, Fireblade Aviation is proudly part of a global network dedicated to elevating aviation practices and guest services worldwide. As a part of this network Fireblade is committed to offering service excellence to all of our guests, ensuring our facilities are of the highest standards and enriching our guests’ experiences wherever possible. As part of the World Fuel Network Fireblade Aviation has access to a comprehensive jet fuel program and extensive service network, making us uniquely positioned to offer guests superior services.

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Fireblade Partners - The Long Run

Fireblade Aviation is tremendously proud to be the first aviation partner of The Long Run. This sustainable travel initiative is helping businesses, people, and nature work together for a better future. The Long Run is committed to driving sustainability via the 4C’s principle, which focuses on community, commerce, culture, and conservation to leave the Earth a better place. The Long Run seeks to support, connect and inspire businesses to charter new sustainable paths and to help conserve biodiversity and improve the lives of people worldwide.

As part of Fireblade’s commitment to The Long Run, we aim to prioritise the 4Cs in our business ethos while inspiring the next generation of South African pilots and engineers and investing in research to improve the sustainability efforts of the aviation industry.

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Fireblade Partners - JAN

Fireblade Aviation is proud to partner with South Africa’s first Michelin Star chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen as our official culinary partner both at our purpose-built facility space and in the skies when required. Chef Jan Hendrik’s journey has been marked by a passion for proudly South African food, stories and inspirations, while prioritising sustainable methods, ingredients and alternatives wherever possible.

As Chef Proprietor of Restaurant Klein JAN, based at one of Fireblade Aviation’s top destinations, Tswalu Kalahari, Chef Jan Hendrik is the perfect fit to elevate the culinary offering of the Fireblade establishment and team, bringing his unique and distinguished flair to favourite local dishes and recipes, welcoming Africa to Fireblade and Fireblade to the world. With a firm partnership between the JAN brand and Fireblade Aviation, the two work together in keeping with the four Cs principle of the Long Run, ensuring we work towards a safe, sustainable future for future generations while offering guests the ultimate hospitality experience.

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Fireblade Partners - Everard Read

Fireblade Aviation  is passionate about supporting South African arts and culture and has partnered with Johannesburg’s Everard Read Gallery in an effort to celebrate local creatives. The Fireblade Aviation  facility has an impressive display of South African art, showcasing pies created by South African creatives, and allowing guests the opportunity to purchase a proudly local piece for their private collection. Any income generated from the art sales go directly to the gallery and its artists, who also make a donation to the Tswalu Conservation Fund in the name of sustainability.

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Fireblade Partners - BMW

We have partnered with renowned global transport brand BMW to ensure our guests are transferred in the safest and most comfortable means possible. BMW is the preferred concierge vehicle provider to Fireblade Aviation, providing world-class quality and which offers guests a premium experience overall.

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